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Air conditioning units are a necessary amenity in a warm climate such as Houston’s. Without a properly working AC, we are bound to have a downright miserable summer. To avoid such a predicament, we rounded up some of the common signs that indicate that it’s time for a visit from an air conditioning repair tech in Houston. Read on to be prepared to troubleshoot your AC challenges. 

Odd Smells Coming From The AC Vents

Odd smells coming from the vents are explained by several causes and each one of them requires proper attention. If you smell something burning coming from the vents, turn off the AC immediately and call your local air conditioning service in Houston. Burning may be caused by a motor that’s caught on fire, which can spread and cause irreparable damage. 

Strange odors can also be caused by something dead or decomposed in the outdoor unit, or an accumulation of debris. Depending on what it is, it will cause a terrible smell in the home. For this reason, it is important to have a bi-annual maintenance inspection from an air conditioning service in Houston

Water Leaks From Unit Or Vents

Water leaks coming from the unit or vents is a terrible sign. This problem will need to be addressed as soon as it comes to light because it can cause great, costly damage. Water can cause structural damage and will lead to mold. 

A tech from an air conditioning service in Houston, such as Your Air Co., will determine the cause of the water leak. It can be a result of refrigerant fluid leaks or a problem with the evaporator’s inability to circulate air correctly. Regardless of the cause, you will need an expert from an air conditioning repair service to help you out with this problem. 

Poor Airflow

Poor airflow really beats the purpose of having an air conditioning unit. This issue can be caused by something simple like a clogged air filter or something more complicated like a broken blow motor or an issue with the ducts. Poor airflow will result in your AC working harder to produce cool air and will eventually lead to it breaking down. If you’re experiencing this issue, contact your local air conditioning repair in Houston, YourAir Co. to fix the problem. 

Increasing Energy Bills 

Have you noticed your energy bills increasing in price even though your usage hasn’t increased? This may be caused by an inefficient air conditioning system. Here are some common reasons why your AC may inefficient: 

The Unit Is Too Small

Your air conditioning unit has to be correctly sized to accommodate the size of your home efficiently. If it is too small, it will be harder to cool your home. This will bring a spike in your energy bills over time and require extra repairs and early replacement. Consult your local air conditioning service in Houston about the required AC unit size for your home. 

Clogged Air Filters

Clogged air filters prevent proper airflow which will cause the unit to work harder to produce the same energy. Though cleaning and replacing filters is simple to do on your own, if it isn’t done regularly, your AC will end up using more energy than necessary. It will also break and wear out faster. We recommend checking your air filters at least once a month as you complete your regular cleaning chores. 

The AC Unit Is Too Old

The age of your air conditioning unit has a great impact on its efficiency. The older the unit gets, the harder it has to work to produce the same energy. Your energy bills will increase as a result and cost you a lot of money. Additionally, old AC units will require you to call the air conditioning repair service in Houston more often as it will begin to break down more frequently. 

Do you think your AC is in need of some TLC?

If your home is experiencing some of these aforementioned issues with the air conditioning unit, do not hesitate to contact Your Air Co. for the top air conditioning repair in Houston. We are committed to providing excellence and 24-hour emergency service to help you enjoy the comforts of your home. Call us today at  (832) 244-9464.

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