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How to be a Hero and set up a Community MERV 13 Filter Insert Give-Away

  1. If you are planning on setting this up, make sure you have access to a good clean source of MERV 13 filter material that does not contain fiberglass. We are using the Aprilaire® Space-Gard® Healthy Home 213. It is extra work to remove the metal and ribbons, but we trust the company’s quality, it does not contain any fiberglass, and it was readily available. In the first two hours of launching this program we have had over 150 requests and our local community mental health organization asked if they could have enough to use with 40 patients. We ordered in 12 cases of 8, and each filter will make about 100 inserts.
  2. Let us know as soon as possible so we can set up the necessary pages in your website. Let us know what email address you would like responses to go to. Our goal is to set a client up within 24 hours—if the response is overwhelming, we will handle requests on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. Make sure you have enough #10 envelopes, address labels, and stamps to fulfill the requests. Our HVAC company is also including a short letter from our President with the filters we are sending to encourage them. Personally, I would hesitate to include sales info—there is a better time for that when this is over. Since they are providing their addresses to send the filters to, you can use that as a targeted list in the future since they have already self-identified as being concerned with their health by requesting the filters.
  4. Get the WORD out. Use PSA’s (public service announcements) and social media.
  5. Dismantle the filters, cut the material, and send them to everyone requesting. With PagePilot, you will be able to log into your site to get a CSV of the responses daily if you want to print your labels.  If someone calls the office and requests filters, have your people enter their name into the form on your website so that it is in the CSV.
Below are a few links so you can get more program specifics and see how we did it. I hope this helps—and stay safe.
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