Furnace Maintenance for a Houston Winter
, Furnace Maintenance for a Houston Winter

As we prepare to welcome the colder months, it is important that we take some preparatory steps in order to make our homes as comfortable as possible. In Houston, there are tasks to be accomplished outside to ensure that the property is ready for the upcoming storms. Additionally, there are some things that we must do inside that include ensuring that our heating system is ready to keep us warm. 

This article will discuss the importance of furnace maintenance and some of the benefits that it provides. Read on to learn how you can prepare your furnace this winter season.

Why is Furnace Maintanence Important?

Furnace maintenance can be compared to your yearly physical that you recieve from your primary care physician. During this physical, your doctor goes over your primary health markers and conducts a thorough examination of your body’s health. Your doctor will adjust any medications, order more tests, and recommend treatments or modifications to improve your health at this time.


Furnace technicians are very much like doctors who scope out the overall condition of your furnace. They will take the time to clean its various components, run a diagnostic check, and recommend any minor repairs. These minor repairs will keep you from spending an exorbitant amount of money on extensive repairs or replacements that could have been prevented. 

When you schedule a furnace maintenance visit, you can expect the following results: 

Clean Air Filters

During a maintenance inspection, it is standard protocol for the furnace technician to clean or replace the filters on your vents. This step is essential to both the furnace and your health. Clean air filters help your furnace work efficiently, which prolongs its lifespan. 

Additionally, clean air filters mean you have an increased quality of air throughout your home. Because we spend longer hours inside our homes over the fall and winter seasons, it is important that we breath clean air. The better air, the less chances of developing respiratory issues. 

Indoor air quality is extremely important for the health of your family. Check out our website to learn about the Air Quality Services we offer.

Clear Intake Pipe

In order for your furnace to remain efficient, its intake pike must be clear of any debris or anything that may contribute to a blockage. Both intake and exhaust pipes tend to accumulate debris, ice, snow, and even birds nests. These things will all cause the furnace to use more fuel to generate the same amount of heat required to keep your home warm. 

Blocked intake pipes may also cause carbon monoxide to build up and that can lead to a very hazardous situation in your house. The possibility of this happening is reason enough to schedule a regular furnace maintenance visit.

Programmed Thermostat

Every now and then, thermostats need to be reprogrammed and calibrated to ensure that they are regulating your home’s temperatures accurately. This small furnace maintenance step ensures that your HVAC system is working efficiently. It will also help prolong the lifespan of your furnace because a programmed thermostat enables the furnace to work within preset parameters. 

Many homeowners have begun switching their thermostats for smart thermostats that help them keep their HVACs at optimal levels. Feel free to ask your furnace maintenance tech about upgrading your thermostat.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Overall, furnace maintenance improves the energy expenditures of your home. It is common to see an increase in energy bills over the winter months, but they shouldn’t be higher than the your typical heating usage. When all the parts of your furnace are properly maintained, it work quietly and efficiently. You will be able to enjoy the comfort of your home without having to pay more for doing so. And with today’s economy, who wants to pay more in utility bills?

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