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, Common Air Conditioning Problems

Houston summers are very hot and the only thing that makes them bearable is an air conditioned room. Air conditioning is great until it begins to develop problems that most people don’t know how to address. Below we outline some of the most common problems that would require air conditioning repair in Houston, TX.

There Is No Air Flow

Lack of air flow coming from the vents kind of beats the purpose of having an air conditioner, doesn’t it? It is also a very frustrating problem on a hot day. There are several causes of airflow issues in the HVAC system but the top three are clogged air filters, incorrectly sized air conditioning units, and too much dirt in the outdoor unit. Any of these issues can result in the need for emergency AC repair in Houston on a hot day.

Clogged Air Filters

Clogged air filters are one of the simpler issues that most homeowners can fix on their own. Over time, air filters accumulate dust and debris and prevent the circulation of air. We recommend checking your filters every 4-6 weeks, depending on how often you use your air conditioning.

Incorrectly Sized Air Conditioning Unit

In order for your air conditioning unit to produce enough cool air, it must be appropriately sized for the square footage of your home. If your AC is too small, not only will it produce a low air flow but also work harder to cool a room. Your energy bills will be sky-high and it will wear out faster. Your Air Co. offers 24 hour AC repair in Houston, TX and we offer the best HVAC experts who will determine the cause of your air flow issues.

Too Much Dirt In The Outdoor Unit

The area around the outdoor unit often gets forgotten. Dirt and debris may end up getting stuck in the vents of the unit, preventing proper air flow. The accumulation of dirt will lead to your unit overheating, breaking down and necessitating you to call a technician for air conditioning repair in Houston. To avoid this issue, we recommend keeping the area around your AC unit clean and to keep up with your annual maintenance checks.

Bad Odor Coming From Vents

A perfectly working air conditioning unit can easily be marred by poor odor coming from the vents. Most commonly, bad odor is caused by clogged air filters, ducts, and the development of mold in your AC unit. 

If you sense the smell of mold or fire coming from the vents, please be advised that this issue needs to be addressed immediately. Your Air Co. offers emergency AC repair in Houston and is available 24/7 for such issues. Mold contributes to many health hazards, while the smell of fire is often a sign of a burning motor in the unit. Both problems will lead to irreparable damages if not addressed properly and by a specialist.

Loud When Operating

When an air conditioning unit is loud while operating, it may signify that AC repair is needed. It may be the result of loose belts, faulty motors, or debris being stuck in the ducts and vents. If the noise is increasing, contact your local air conditioning repair tech in Houston for help.

Poor Air Quality

Do you feel like you’re breathing dust when your AC is working? Or perhaps it feels stuffy all the time, despite the AC working. These concerns are very common alongside the poor odor that we discussed earlier. 

Ensuring optimized air quality in your home is very essential, especially for those who suffer with upper respiratory challenges like asthma and allergies. An air conditioning repair tech in Houston would be able to assist you with improving the air quality in your home.

It’s Not Turning On

There are various reasons for why your AC unit may not be turning on. One of the most common reasons, however, is that the thermostat’s batteries need replacement. If the batteries have been replaced and the AC is still not working, there may be a bigger issue with the thermostat or a broken motor. You may need an emergency AC repair service in Houston to solve this problem. 

By the way, did you know that a programmable thermostat can help save money on your energy bills? Ask your air conditioning repair tech to learn more about these smart thermostats.

Are You Experiencing One or More of these Air Conditioning Problems?

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