Common AC Emergencies
, Common AC Emergencies

Air conditioning units are great until they start to break down and require repairs. There are certain circumstances in which air conditioners need emergency repairs for the sake of preserving the unit and for safety concerns. This article will outline some of the common emergency situations in which 24 hour air conditioning repair in Houston. Read on and learn how to respond to each of these situations.

Burning Smell

One of the first AC emergency situations is when you smell a burning smell coming from the vents. This smell is indicative of a very dangerous situation that can escalate to a burned AC unit, any surrounding structures, and even the house itself. Most often, the burning smell is caused by sparks ignited at the blow motor junction.

If a burning smell is coming from your vents, shut off the power to the AC on the circuit breaker immediately. Next, call an AC tech as soon as possible so that they can investigate the issue. YouAir Co. is one of the top companies that provides 24 hour air conditioning repair in Houston, TX. Check out our webpage to learn about the services we provide!

Loud Noise

Hearing loud noise coming from the air conditioning unit is not very pleasant. However, it is important to pay attention to any unusual sounds coming from the vents. These unusual sounds are usually symptoms of issues that need to be fixed.

For example, rattling or banging sounds can indicate a problem with loose parts like blow motors or belts. If you hear the sound it is essential to contact a local AC repair tech to investigate the problem. We highly recommend having this issue fixed as quickly as possible because it can lead to extensive repairs and possible early replacement of the AC unit. do not accept the loud noises coming from your AC unit as a simple nuisance. 

Warm Air

Sometimes the air conditioning unit stops producing cold air. If you notice that your AC unit is releasing warm air into the room, we highly recommend contacting your local 24 hour air conditioning repair tech in Houston. The warm air is typically a sign that your unit is out of refrigerant fluid, otherwise known as Freon. Low levels of this fluid will result in lower efficiency levels of the unit and will lead to an inevitable breakdown. Prolonged use of the AC with poor refrigerant levels will result in a decreased lifespan of the entire HVAC system.

Sometimes refrigerant fluid leaks out of the AC unit. This issue can be potentially hazardous to the people who come in contact with it as it is very toxic. The excess moisture that comes from refrigerant fluid leaks can also lead to structural damage and mold. As a result, we encourage you to reach out to a professional air conditioning technician for a proper investigation of this issue and any necessary repairs. Because of the high levels of toxicity found in refrigerant fluids, we do not recommend that you do this repair yourself.

Lack of Airflow

When there is a lack of airflow coming from the AC unit, it becomes inoperable. Now this may not sound like an emergency, but when it is hot outside and AC is the refuge we need from the heat. The lack of airflow can be explained by clogged air filters that prevent the air from circulating through the room. Also there may be a problem with the blow motors that provide the air into the air ducts. Regardless of the issue, You will need the assistance of a 24 hour air conditioning repair tech in Houston to help you out. The lack of airflow will need a proper diagnostic check followed by a repair service. 

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