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hvac houston tx, Allergy relief and flu prevention through duct sanitization and improving IAQ  

Air quality in a home or business is very important to many people who suffer from allergies or seem to catch respiratory illnesses easily. And those who are aware that duct sanitation is part of their exposure problem can tell the difference immediately when they enter an enclosed space. All HVAC companies in Houston understand that internal air quality, also know as IAQ, is actually a measurable property of the environment anywhere, and they work diligently to reduce the contamination factor as much as possible when doing repairs or installing new units. However, many people do not notice the connection until after it is pointed out, which means their health could potentially be greatly improved with a comprehensive duct cleaning or installation of new duct work. And when you find yourself in this situation, Your Air Conditioning Company professional HVAC in Houston TX is the service provider to call to address the problem.

Allergy Relief

Allergies can be triggered by many chemicals that are unnoticed in the atmosphere of any living or work space. And it can be difficult to pinpoint the ultimate cause. Many times in spring allergy sufferers will attribute the problem to the change in season, but the truth is the air they are breathing while inside could be the origin. This is why it is important to have air duct cleaning listed as part of any spring cleaning agenda, and the best method to ensure the job is done properly is by calling the HVAC in Houston at Your Air Conditioning Company for a full evaluation of the duct work in your home or business. Not all dust contains excessive bacteria, but accumulated dust could worsen any allergic condition.

Combating Influenza

The flu is another respiratory problem that many realize is directly associated with germ contact, and it often lands people in the hospital in serious situations. While contact with others that are contaminated can be a source as well, bacteria that accumulates in duct work can become airborne and collect in the lungs after being breathed. Physical sanitation stops the spread, but the illness must originate somewhere. Many times that is from the air source in a dirty respiratory environment.

If you are exposed to air in any particular living or operational space that does not smell up to par, then you may have a duct work contamination problem. Call the professional HVAC repair in Houston TX at Your Air Conditioning Company for a full evaluation of your air quality.

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