Air Conditioning Financing Options in Houston, TX
, Air Conditioning Financing Options in Houston, TX

Air conditioning in Houston can get pretty expensive. These costs include installation, purchase of the unit, regular maintenance and repairs. There are also monthly utility bills that charge for the use of energy to power the AC. We understand how these costs can become overwhelming, especially in today’s inflated economy. 

Luckily, there are several options for how to work these costs in your household budget. This article will discuss some of the ways YourAir Co. makes air conditioning installation affordable for each household in Houston. Read on to learn how you can upgrade your home today.

How to Budget for Heating and Air in Houston, TX

Budgeting for big purchases like a heating and air conditioning unit is very important. These units are an investment in the comfort and value of your home. However, the starting price for an average unit starts at about $2,900. This number is understandably overwhelming. 

YourAir Co. offers a handful of financing options that provide easy payments plans, allowing our customers the ability to work them into their budget. These options will allow you to plan out your finances in a way that will accommodate your needs.

Financing Options for Air Conditioning in Houston

At YourAir Co., we are committed to making HVAC costs as affordable as possible for our customers. To alleviate your financial stress, we partnered with the following financial instutions:


With this credit card option, you can pay off a high quality AC unit quickly and easily.  

Foundation Finance

With Foundation Finance, you will be able to request a loan and receive a decision with a quick turnaround time. They offer low annual percentage rates (APR) and a simple payment schedule.  

Castle Credit

Whether you need to purchase a furnace, plumbing equipment, or an air conditioning unit in Houston, Castle Credit will allow you to choose from a variety of flexible financing programs. Their monthly payment plans are affordable and will be tailored to your financial needs. 


Okinus offers lease to purchase loan options for customers with lower credit scores. This option allows the access to an air conditioning system at a price you can afford. 

Will your home require ductwork for your new air conditioning system? Check out ductwork services on our website.

Benefits of Financing Air Conditioning in Houston

Aside from making air conditioning in Houston more affordable, our financing options provide several benefits that many of our customers enjoy. These benefits include the following:

Quick Approvals

Instead of being on edge and waiting for a decision from a lender, our financial partnerships allow you access to an approval quicker than usual. An application’s turnaround time varies based on factors such as credit history, household income, and location, but most customers receive a decision within one to two business days. 

Our quick approvals and affordable financing options will allow you to breathe easy in your home, but so will our supreme Air Quality Services! Check out website to learn more. 


We do our best to offer budget heating and air options in Houston, TX. We are proud that our financing options allow many families the access to an air conditioning system that they can afford.  

Options for All Credit Ratings

Whether you are just building your credit history or have recently been in a financial rough patch, there will be a financing option for you. Some of the flexible financing programs we offer overlook a low credit rating, allowing you the option to build your credit score. 

Convenient Repayment Methods

The partnerships we created with the financial institutions allow our customers the ability to arrange flexible repayment methods. These methods will align with your budget and the lender’s terms, giving you the ability to repay your loan in a comfortable and fair way.

Are You in Need of Financing Options?

Are you currently in the market for a new heating and air conditioning unit in Houston? YouAir Co. has the financing options that will fit your financial needs. Get the help you need today to stay comfortable and happy in your air conditioned home! Contact YourAir Co. today to learn about your air conditioning options by calling 281-LOVE-AIR.

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