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When your air conditioning unit is on the fritz, and you need reliable AC repair and maintenance, Your Air Conditioning Company has licensed, trained technicians ready to go. We can assess your AC unit problems and recommend the best solution. Your Air Co. knows that you can never predict when the air conditioning will stop working, so we have service technicians at the ready 24/7.

We can help with any of the following issues:

  • Odors coming from the air conditioning vents
  • Leaking water from the air conditioning unit
  • Poor airflow
  • Warm air flowing from the vents
  • Failure of the thermostat
  • Rapidly increasing electricity bill
  • Strange noises coming from the AC unit
Air Conditioning Components That Can Malfunction

Your home air conditioning unit has many components that can stop performing, so you need fast, expert air conditioning repair. When any one of these system components breakdowns, your AC unit won’t work properly.


You will find the thermostat located inside the house on a primary wall. This component controls the entire air conditioner unit. As it tracks the inside temperature, the thermostat tells the AC unit when to turn on and off. When your thermostat is on a low setting, the AC unit blows more cool air.

Air Filter

The air filter collects dirt, dust, pet hair, and allergens in the air. If the air filter does not clean the air as it goes back to the unit, the air conditioning unit could clog from too much dust and dirt.

AC Fan

When the air conditioning unit is running, it gets pretty hot. The AC fan blows cool air to prevent the AC unit from overheating.

Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is a hard-working component of the air conditioning system. It sits inside the outdoor air conditioning unit. The job of the condenser coil is to rid the refrigerant (the gas that cools the air) of heat.


The refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air and passes the air through the compressor to remove the heat. Without the compressor, the refrigerant would not cool the air.

Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil sits inside the house near the blower. It removes heat and humidity from the air as it passes through the coil.

AC Blower

The blower is what circulates the cool air into your house and removes warm air from the room for cooling.

Trusted Houston Air Conditioning Repair

When your air conditioning fails, don’t wait to see if the problem goes away on its own because it won’t! Instead, call Your Air Co. to perform the diagnostic services that show the right solution. Our team is available day or night to repair your cooling crisis.

Many Houston homeowners try to wait the problem out because they are fearful of the cost. Your Air Co. cautions against waiting as this often leads to an even worse situation. Our trained, efficient technicians can fix any AC unit regardless of the brand. We will get you back to cool comfort with the following air conditioning repair services.

Condenser Repair

The condenser is where you find other vital components of the air conditioning system. It works to remove heat from the air and provide cooling. Inside an air conditioning condenser, there is a motor, compressor, circuit board, fans, tubes, and condenser coil. When any one of these parts gets too worn, the condenser stops working:

  • Problem Indicators: Lack of cool air; the air is taking a long time to cool
  • Issue: Possible capacitor problem, refrigerant leak, failed motor, faulty condenser coil
  • Repair: Call Your Air Co. for a diagnostic assessment of the issue and expect speedy repair

Drain Line Repair

The drain line rids your air conditioning unit of the excess water that builds up while it runs. Clearing the line lets the AC unit begin working again:

  • Problem Indicators: Dripping water around the outside AC unit; a full drip pan; mold in the drip pan; water damage around the pan
  • Issue: Possible clogged drain line
  • Repair: Our technicians arrive quickly, locate the clog, clear the drain, and restart the system for cooling

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant cools the air that blows into your home:

  • Problem Indicators: Warmer than usual air blowing into the house; less air blowing into the home; excess water around the AC unit
  • Issue: Potential refrigerant leak
  • Repair: Refrigerant leaks are a typical air conditioning problem—call for a trained technician to diagnose and recommend the ideal repair

Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils extract the heat from the air inside your home to keep it cool. The evaporator also removes humidity from the air for more comfort:

  • Problem Indicators: Frequent stopping and starting of the air conditioner but no noticeable cool air; strange noises such as hissing coming from the AC unit; the unit does not turn on at all
  • Issue: Possible frozen evaporator coil, evaporator coil leak, old air filter, dirt in the evaporator coil
  • Repair: Have an experienced air conditioning technician evaluate the evaporator coil for repair or replacement

When your air conditioning is not performing at maximum efficiency, call Your Air Co. for same-day service. Our trained technicians are at work daily, diagnosing and repairing all makes and models of air conditioning units to keep Houston homeowners cool and comfortable.

Our comprehensive list of repair and replacement solutions means that no problem is too big to fix. With thorough diagnostics to zero in on the specific AC unit problem, Your Air Co. repairs any air conditioning issue with minimal disruption. Our goal is to fix your AC unit so that your downtime is minimal.

Quality Houston Air Conditioning Maintenance

No homeowner wants to face an air conditioner that stops working. Your home is an investment that requires ongoing upkeep and proactive care to function well. Call on Your Air Co. to keep you cool with superior air conditioning maintenance. We specialize in AC repair and maintenance on any brand of air conditioning system.

Without a regular AC maintenance plan, your air conditioning system can lose efficiency from year to year. You will notice that the air quality is not as good, and the blower does not push as much air into the house. Like a car or any other machinery, an air conditioning system needs annual maintenance to stay efficient and reliable.

Maintaining Your Houston Air Conditioning System

An air conditioning failure always seems to happen at the worst time possible. It’s always on the hottest day of the year and at the worst time of day. You are lucky if you have somewhere cool to go until the AC unit repair is complete, but what if you are one of the unlucky ones who has nowhere else to go? Regular maintenance for your air conditioning unit will keep that cooling crisis away.

You take your car for oil changes, and you go for an annual health check-up to ensure your body is working well, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your air conditioning system? Your Air Co. performs annual air conditioning maintenance on your unit to catch potential problems before they get extensive and costly.

Keeping your AC unit in top-notch working order has benefits other than keeping you cool. Having a regular maintenance plan helps you to feel:

  • Less stressed because you have confidence that your air conditioning unit is in excellent hands—no cooling crises for you!
  • Reliable comfort in your home with no extremes in temperature
  • Better health because our technicians handle routine maintenance like changing the filters, so you breathe cleaner air
Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks

What routine tasks should be part of your air conditioning maintenance service? The following list does not cover everything, but it does give some of the most critical steps for increased efficiency and preventive maintenance:

  1. Unit and System Inspections: Planned inspections by our highly trained technicians can prevent costly repairs.
  2. Focused Tune-Up: Minor parts need to be replaced from time to time, along with fine-tuning the entire air conditioning system. We pay attention to the small things like keeping all equipment clean so that your AC unit is in peak condition.
  3. Testing: Routine diagnostic testing for the motor and working parts alerts the technician to a problem that needs attention.

Regular maintenance for your AC unit reduces the potential for air conditioning breakdowns. It also helps to extend the life of the AC unit. A well-maintained air conditioner uses less energy while keeping your home cool.

The maintenance checklist should include the following:

  • Wiring and connection inspections
  • Checking the thermostat for accurate on/off and temperature
  • Greasing all moving parts
  • Assessing the level of refrigerant in the AC unit
  • Inspecting coils and the condenser for wear and tear
  • Clearing the drain line and ensuring no clogs
  • Checking duct connections
  • Changing filters as needed
  • Checking for gas furnace leaks
  • Assessing ignition for a gas furnace
What You Can Expect With Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

When Your Air Co. performs regular maintenance on your air conditioning system, the fear that your AC unit could stop working when you least expect it won’t plague you anymore. The checks and inspections on your system that are part of our air conditioning maintenance plan bring peace of mind regarding your unit.

The maintenance plan virtually pays for itself in lower repair bills and less stress since you are not dreading paying for a big AC unit fix. Our technicians are so thorough that you can expect the following after a maintenance check from us.

Lower Energy Bills

A well-serviced air conditioner can significantly reduce your energy bill. Some estimates are that an efficient AC unit lowers the bill by as much as 40%. One way to notice that your air conditioning is not working as efficiently is when the utility bill increases, but your usage has not changed.

Increased Efficiency

When our trained technicians regularly inspect your AC system, they find the minor issues that would otherwise lead to more costly fixes. Fixing the little problems along the way increases efficiency. Keeping your unit working at peak efficiency is the main goal that our maintenance plan targets.

Cleaner Air

A clean filter and drain line and dust-free ducts and motors are some of the specific ways that we keep your AC system in top condition. Your air conditioner cleans the dust, bacteria, and dirt that makes the interior air of your home unhealthy. People with respiratory issues need clean, fresh air to breathe.

Fewer Repairs

Your air conditioning system needs fewer repairs because the technicians assess all working parts to ensure correct operation. The comprehensive maintenance plan catches the components that are too worn or air ducts not sealed tightly together so that you don’t have to figure out how to pay an exorbitant repair bill.

Prevent Equipment Failure

You care for your car with regular inspections, oil changes, and new tires, and your AC system maintenance should have the same value. Your AC system benefits from an annual maintenance plan which adds years to the life of the equipment.

What a Houston Homeowner Can Do To Protect Their Air Conditioning System

There are things you can do as a homeowner to protect and maintain your air conditioning system. However, these tasks won’t replace skilled, qualified air conditioning services. When your AC unit is clean, the technicians can find the problem quicker, meaning they can repair it faster.

Keep It Clean

Keep the outside unit free of debris. Small branches, acorns, bugs, and other objects can fall into the outdoor unit and cause problems. When you mow, blow the grass clippings away from the AC unit. In the fall, when you blow leaves from the yard, remove all of the leaves and debris around the outdoor AC unit. If you see small twigs inside of the AC unit, try to remove them gently.

Pest Control

Treat the outside unit for ants. Did you know that ants love to make their homes in outdoor AC units? Once a colony of ants invades your AC unit, they will crawl into the smallest spaces and create problems. When they get into certain portions of the AC unit, the ants will break the electric connection that makes the unit run. There is nothing wrong with your AC unit if this break happens, except that it needs ant removal.

Level It Up

An older AC unit could be sitting on a concrete pad that is no longer level. When the pad sinks, the tubes won’t be straight or in the correct position anymore. If you notice that the unit is not sitting level, you need a professional air conditioning service to evaluate and remedy the problem.

Replace the Thermostat

Your utility bills will improve when a programmable model replaces an old thermostat. Your Air Co. has programmable air conditioning thermostats. Our skilled technicians will look at your current thermostat to recommend the ideal replacement. You will be able to set the temperature for every hour of the day. Plus, a programmable thermostat can be a great way to impact your energy bills.

Pay Attention To the Drain

When the air conditioning runs, water drains from the system. Sometimes the drain line gets clogged with dirt or debris. When a clog occurs, the AC unit will stop working. If you notice that water is not draining from the drain line, this can indicate a clog. An annual maintenance contract includes cleaning the drain line but if you see it is not draining between visits, call the technician. A drain line clog is relatively easy to fix, but you need a professional AC technician to clear the line properly.

Be Sure the Unit Is the Right Size

You might not know, but large homes require more than one AC unit to cool the whole house well. If your home is older and does not feel as cool as you want, call Your Air Co. We will look at the square footage of your home to evaluate whether your unit needs a repair or replacement. The right size unit does not have to run constantly or strain to keep your home cool.

Check the Insulation

Your air conditioning service should have wrapped insulation around the outside pipes of the AC unit at installation to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Check for insulation around the outer AC lines to ensure it is in place and doing its job. Also, the proper amount of insulation in the attic of your home affects how cool the interior feels. If your home needs more insulation or different insulation, consult a professional. A trained, licensed AC technician can also help you determine if you need more insulation.

Check for Air Leaks

It won’t matter how great your AC unit is when the cool air leaks out of the window cracks and door trim. A technician will perform some diagnostics to see where the air is escaping. Keeping the cool air inside and the warm air outside is a remedy that will make a big difference.

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