5 Signs of a Needed Heating Repair in Humble, TX

5 Signs of a Needed Heating Repair in Humble, TX

, 5 Signs of a Needed Heating Repair in Humble, TX

As we prepare for the new season that is upon us, it is important to ensure that our home is fully prepared for the cold months ahead. One of the essential preparations for winter is to ensure that your heater is in proper working order. There are several signs to be aware of that point to a needed heating repair in Humble, TX. This article will outline these signs of repair and provide suggestions for how to repair them.

Increased Energy Bills

One of the obvious signs that something may be wrong with your heater is the increase in energy bill expenditures. If you aren’t using your heater more than usual, the bill amount should stay the same. However, if the energy bill has gone up without increased use, your heater may be losing its efficiency. If you see this happening, try checking the following areas:
  • Check the air filters: they may be clogged, preventing proper airflow and causing the heater to work harder
  • Check the radiators: make sure they aren’t blocked by furniture or other items that prevent the even distribution of heat. 
  • Check the pilot light: if it’s yellow, the burners may need to be cleaned to produce better heat
  • Check the intake & exhaust vents: make sure there aren’t any blockages that prevent proper air flow. 
If after checking these areas you find that the heater’s efficiency improved, it may be time to call a heating repair tech in Humble, TX to help you out.

Heater Making Loud Sounds

Sometimes the heater makes unusually loud noise during operation and that can be cause for concern. Here’s a list of the possible sounds you can hear from your heater and what they mean. 
  • Scraping or screeching: usually caused by loose parts like the blower wheel
  • Grinding: blower bearings are completely worn out and need to be replaced
  • Flapping: caused by debris that is stuck in the unit
  • Buzzing, humming, rattling: loose furnace door or mounting screw
  • Popping or banging: dirty igniter or burner which will need to be cleaned out
All of these sounds are concerning and will require proper investigation to ensure your heater serves you well. We do not recommend ignoring these sounds as they can lead to costly repairs and an early replacement of the heater. A heating repair tech in Humble, TX would be able to pinpoint the issue and make the necessary repairs.

Decreased Indoor Air Quality

As the heater comes to the end of its lifespan, the pressure that it uses to move air through the duct increases. This results in an increase in dust and debris in the air that causes stuffiness and congestion. Poor air quality leads to the development of health issues like migraines, asthma, allergies, and other respiratory conditions. Therefore, we recommend scheduling a furnace inspection if you notice a decrease in air quality.

Have you ever had your indoor air quality tested? Check out our Air Quality services to see how doing so will benefit your home. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector

When your carbon monoxide detector goes off, that means that there is a leak of carbon monoxide in your home. This situation is extremely dangerous and it must be rectified as quickly as possible. Make sure to get all your loved ones out of the home and call an emergency heating repair tech in Humble, TX.

Foul Smells

There are a variety of smells that could come from your heater that will require a repair service. Below is a quick breakdown of these smells and what they mean: 
  • Burning dust: very normal smell in the first few days of the season of operating the heater
  • Metallic: some component of the heater is burning. In this instance, turn the heater off and call a repair tech immediately. 
  • Rotten eggs: this could be a potential gas leak. Turn off the heater immediately and call an emergency heating repair tech in Humble, TX. 
  • Pet smells: if your pet had an accident near a vent, the smell will travel through the home
  • Sewage smells: caused by a potential sewer leak
  • Moldy smells: the ductwork or other parts of the home may have mold 
  • Chemicals: maybe caused by a crack in the components responsible for the heat exchange in your home. This problem must be inspected by a heating technician as it can be very hazardous. 
  • Smoke: caused by a blockage in the exhaust pipe
As we can see, some smells are very minor concerns while others require special attention and cannot be ignored. If you have any of these smells in your home, make sure to call a technician for assistance.

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