10 Signs You Need AC Repair
, 10 Signs You Need AC Repair

There’s no convenient time to deal with an AC breakdown in Houston, TX. But the sooner you deal with AC issues, the faster they can be fixed. You can also avoid more serious repairs. So here are 10 signs you need AC repair and should call your local HVAC contractor:

1. The Vents Blow Warm Air

The primary purpose of an air conditioner is to cool your home. If the air blowing from the vents is warm instead of cold, something’s not right. Unless the thermostat is set wrong, there may be a problem with the compressor or a refrigerant leak.

2. Your Thermostat Doesn’t Respond

The thermostat controls and communicates with your AC. It measures temperature and tells the air conditioner how much cold air it needs to produce. When the AC won’t turn on or run for long enough, the thermostat may be malfunctioning. There should be a relatively quick response when you set it.

3. There’s Little Airflow

Restricted airflow will prevent air from properly circulating. A duct blockage or failing compressor may be the cause; perhaps a motor has shorted out or the air filter is clogged. Only a professional can tell for sure. Even if the little air blowing is still cool, you need AC repair to correct this problem.

4. Your Home Is Humid

If your home is constantly muggy and sticky, this isn’t normal, even in Houston. Air conditioners are designed to control humidity levels. An AC that can’t manage moisture levels may need to be recalibrated or repaired, or a leaky duct may need to be sealed.

5. The AC Is Making Loud Noise

If your AC is suddenly squealing, screeching, scraping, or grinding, a belt may have come loose. And don’t ignore rattling, buzzing, banging, clinking, or whistling sounds. If you hear anything out of the ordinary, contact an AC repair technician to troubleshoot, diagnose, and fix the cause.

6. Strange Smells Come from the Unit

If your air conditioner stinks, call an HVAC technician to check it out. There may be mold or bacteria growing in the system, which an ultraviolet lamp can get rid of. Dirty ducts can lead to odors caused by mold, insects, or rodents or even outdoor pollution. A burning smell indicates a wire or other electrical component may have burned out.

7. Water or Freon Is Leaking

Water can leak from an AC unit because the condensate drain is clogged or there’s a problem with the condensate pan. A water leak can lead to mold or serious damage to your air conditioner or home. If Freon is leaking, this means it’s draining from your AC lines; it’s also toxic so can be harmful to your health.

8. Your Electric Bill Is Too High

If you haven’t used your AC more, yet your energy bill climbs dramatically, the problem may be with your air conditioner. The cause may be an older system, ductwork leak, failed thermostat switch, or other issue that prevents the system from running efficiently.

9. The System Turns Off Too Quickly

Frequent cycling is a sign that you may need AC repair or a tune-up. An air conditioner should go through regular cycles even in the summer. If the problem isn’t corrected, it can strain the unit, leading to more frequent repairs and a shorter lifespan.

10. The Coil Is Frozen

A dirty air filter, restricted airflow, or refrigerant leak can prevent normal heat transfer, which leads to a frozen coil. Freezing can do significant damage and stop your AC from working. Contact your local HVAC professional to find and fix the underlying problem.

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