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, What To Look For In An AC Tech

When it comes to HVAC repair in Houston, hiring the most qualified AC tech is of upmost importance. Our homes rely on the comfort HVAC units provide and since each unit is very expensive, it is important to hire someone you can trust for AC repairs. 

But how do you select a qualified technician? At YourAir Co. we understand the importance of highly-trained and experienced air conditioning technicians. We compiled list of basic guidelines for you to look for when hiring a tech to repair your AC. These are the guidelines that any qualified AC tech should possess and provide at your request.

Licensed Tech

First and foremost, the technician you hire must have a valid license from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. This license signifies that the technician has attended 48 months of practical training under another licensed air conditioning contractor. An air conditioning technician’s license has to be renewed after year of its issuance. The training that AC techs undergo to attain this license is grueling but it prepares each technician to provide the best quality of HVAC repair in Houston

Some repairs require careful attention to detail and extreme caution. Air conditioning units have fluids and parts that are dangerous to handle without the proper training. This license will provide you with the peace of mind that the work you pay for will be worth it and that your AC challenges will be resolved.

Upfront Pricing

The best AC company in Houston is the one that offers upfront pricing for each service they provide. It unwise and unnecessary to go into the service without knowing what you will pay. Unfortunately, people with bad intentions still exist and there are those who will try to take advantage of you. In order to avoid unfair treatment, we urge you not to hire anyone without seeing the pricing first. Any legitimate AC tech who cares about their customer will ensure to be transparent and trustworthy. 

With YourAir Co, you can rest assured that we will offer you the best HVAC repair in Houston at the best price. Get in touch today for a quote of the services your require.

Good Reputation

You will know that you are hiring the best AC company in Houston by the quality of reviews and references they have to show. Make sure to check service review websites like Yelp or Angie’s List to see what rating the AC company has among the others in Houston. Also, feel free to ask the company or AC tech for references which they should provide without reservation. If they are unwilling to provide references, we would caution you to be wary of such companies as the lack of references is a red flag. 

At YourAir Co., you can find the reviews easily by visiting our webpage. Check out our reviews today!

Liability Insurance

Finally, make sure that the tech you hire has an active liability insurance policy prior to beginning any work on your property. This insurance is a safe guard against any liabilities for accidents that may happen as they work on your unit. Whether they hurt themselves or damage your property, the responsibility for that should be on the AC tech or their employer. It is a fact of life that there are enough bills and expenses for us to worry about, and an AC repair accident shouldn’t be one of them. 

Aside from AC repair, YourAir Co. is also licensed and insured to provide Air Quality services to improve your indoor air quality. Check out our webpage to learn more about these services.

What is the Best AC Company in Houston?

So who is truly the best in Houston for AC repair? Whether you need a simple repair, replacement, or ductwork, YourAir Co. provides these services and more. Our team of technicians are ready to serve your household’s needs with their licensed, fine tuned, and highly qualified skills. Verify this yourself by visiting our webpage and contacting our office for scheduling your HVAC repair in Houston. Call us today at 281-LOVE-AIR.

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