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Providing superior air quality
I recently moved away from Houston, and was a bit troubled by the decision because my mom is getting older and I worry about her! When I got the call from her that her HVAC had gone out in December of all times, my nightmare had come true… I called Your Air Co after hours and Colleen and Oscar were EXTREMELY helpful, immediately responding with an emergency repair. When I got the bill, I was surprised by how affordable such a quality service can be. I seriously can’t thank them enough!
Jane Doe

Our Air has been servicing my heating and air conditioning needs for years. Their technicians are very knowledgeable and friendly and always take the time to explain to me in full detail exactly how my system is currently operating and how I can get the most efficiency out of my units. I have two units that are over 25 years old and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to help me keep them running at peak performance. I know that after this year I will have to replace them due to the freon they use being discontinued, but I feel very confident in Your Air helping me get the best new systems for my home at the right price!
Collen Colten

We’ve been using Your Air for two years now and always have had great service. We had them install a new AC system and purchased the maintenance membership. The harsh Houston climate takes a toll on our system but Your Air has always made it out within hours of our initial call. Johnathan is prompt, courteous, and professional. One of the main reasons why we will continue to use Your Air is because they proved to be one of the most ethical AC companies in Houston. They don’t try to over sell the customer. I trust and highly recommend using Your Air.
Daniel Rodriguez

For HVAC service that Piney Point, TX, and the surrounding areas can rely on, call Your Air Co. today!

Residents of Piney Point, TX, know they can trust Your Air Co. for excellent heating and air conditioning services. Don’t settle for uncomfortable temperatures in your home or business. Call Your Air Co. today to learn how our speedy and economical services can solve your problem.

See for yourself what Your Air Co’s customers think of our services by reading their reviews.

HVAC Installation in Piney Point, TX

Perhaps your HVAC system no longer works. Or, maybe, your house doesn’t have air conditioning. Whatever the reason, if you need new HVAC equipment of any kind, Your Air Co. has you covered.

Our technicians are up to date on the latest air conditioning and heating advances, and they can advise you on the best system for your home or business.

The specialists at Your Air Co. are trained to install the finest, most reliable, and best-value HVAC components, so you can be sure your system will work efficiently and reliably without breaking the bank. What’s more, all installations are 100% guaranteed.

HVAC Maintenance in Piney Point, TX

Regular maintenance of HVAC systems makes economic sense and is important for safety. Maintenance technicians keep systems running efficiently so they don’t waste fuel and lead to high utility bills. Regular system checks can reveal problems before they become serious and potentially dangerous.

One maintenance visit a year is sufficient to keep most HVAC systems in optimum condition. Heat pumps should be serviced twice annually. Your Air Co. offers affordable maintenance plans to help customers avoid inconvenient, costly, and even dangerous HVAC problems.

Piney Point, TX, HVAC Repairs

When maintenance technicians spot small problems during their scheduled visits, these can often be easily corrected before they get out of control.

For HVAC problems that present themselves outside maintenance appointments, the first thing the technician from Your Air Co. will need to do is diagnose what is wrong.

He or she will share this diagnosis with the customer, offering advice on the best way to fix the problem. After being given the go-ahead, the technician will then rectify the problem as speedily as possible, allowing the customer to once again enjoy the benefits of a great HVAC system.

Your Air Co. offers expert repair services for all brands of the following:

  • Furnaces
  • Boilers
  • Heat pumps
  • AC units
  • Air filtration systems

    Find out more about our services and get to know the Your Air Co. team by checking out the about pages on our website.

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If you are looking for HVAC Piney Point, TX, trusts, look no further than Your Air Co. We have built our sterling reputation over almost a decade of reliable and affordable workmanship. Our technicians are the best in the business, and their work is fully bonded and insured. We even have emergency call-out services available 24/7 because HVAC emergencies don’t care about office hours!

The people of Piney Point, TX, have come to depend on Your Air Co. for all their heating and cooling installation, maintenance, and repairs. To learn more about us and how we can help you, call us today at (832) 244-9464 or send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!



Your Air Co.’s technicians will design a high-performing ductwork renovation plan to suit your home’s needs and perform renovations to optimize your heating and cooling use. We will inspect your existing ductwork to ensure you are not losing energy through leaks, and seal them if necessary to conserve energy.


Your Air Co. performs ductwork cleaning services to remove debris and contaminants from the duct system. Our sealed method keeps debris from entering your home during the cleaning process – we pull contaminants out of your ducts and out of your home for good. Clean air ductwork eliminates allergens that reduce your quality of life indoors.


Your Air Co.’s ductwork sanitization services eliminate biological contamination within your ductwork to prevent exposure as conditioned air cycles into your home. We use EPA-approved chemical sanitizers that are applied within the ducts, neutralizing germs and biological agents while preventing their regrowth and spread.

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