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Free Tune-Up – Over $300 Value!

Our Cool Saver Tune-Up is worth over $300 that is FREE if you live in Houston, TX area!

Your Air Co. works with participating retail electric providers within CenterPoint Energy’s electric distribution territory to provide customers with a free Cool Saver A/C Tune-Up. A Cool Saver Tune-Up improves your cooling system’s energy efficiency and performance, keeping you more comfortable while lowering your energy bills. To see if you qualify for a free Cool Saver A/C Tune-Up, click below.

Benefits of HVAC Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance should be performed once a year for furnaces and air conditioners, and twice per year for heat pumps. Ideally this is done in the spring and fall, but should never be skipped if you’re late scheduling your tune-up! Investing in annual preventative maintenance for your heating and cooling systems delivers great returns, including:

Lower energy bills

Reduced wear and tear to system components

Fewer breakdowns over the season

Improved indoor air quality

Improved system performance

Enhance comfort and energy efficiency

Repairs early on to prevent service disruptions

Longer HVAC system service life

Care Club Membership

Stay on top of preventative maintenance for your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality equipment with Your Air Co.’s Care Club Membership. In addition to annual tune-ups for your HVAC equipment, you’ll receive the added benefit of your membership fees (up to $2,000) being returned to you as a credit on new system replacement! Invest in caring for your current heating, cooling, and indoor air quality equipment and your investment will pay off now with improved performance and efficiency, as well as when it’s time to upgrade.

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