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Mary Gordon
7/18/2019 - Google

Jon came out to service our air conditioner. He was so courteous and professional. After finishing our service, he explained what he had done and provided pictures for me to share with my husband. It truly is appreciated to have your company representative be courteous and well mannered. Thanks, Jon.

Addie Renfro
7/16/2019 - Google

Oscar was real informative. He got my attention on a lot of information for preventive measure on keeping up my air condition system.

Jennifer Lankford
5/09/2019 - Google

Juan was very kind and helpful. He explained everything in detail so it was easy to understand and he gave tips on how to improve the quality of the unit.

Brendia Cade
4/14/2019 - Google

Juan was great, I love Your Air. They are just a tad bit pricey. Some of the services they recommend you can get with other companies much cheaper. Other than that they are wonderful.

William Holdsworth
12/15/2018 - Google

Purchased a new AC unit from a Facebook Ad offering a free furnace with purchase of a qualifying AC. I hadn't heard of Your Air Co before and I’m a bit of a cynic, but I have to say, I’m impressed... The furnace is great and the whole process was simple. The technician- Jim- was friendly and professional. Your Air Co. has earned a returning customer!

Mark Dollo
12/15/2018 - Google

These guys are lightning-quick! Reasonable pricing too. I needed to replace my HVAC and these guys were fair, fast , and above all they did the job right!

Tom Grober
8/11/2018 - Google

I don't often write reviews, but I have been a member of the Your Air Co customer care plan for many years. Every time I call, I receive prompt service from a polite and experienced technician. These guys are great, do yourself a favor and check them out.

Conor H
12/15/2018 - Google

I recently moved away from Houston, and was a bit troubled by the decision because my mom is getting older and I worry about her! When I got the call from her that her HVAC had gone out in December of all times, my nightmare had come true... I called Your Air Co after hours and Colleen and Oscar were EXTREMELY helpful, immediately responding with an emergency repair. When I got the bill, I was surprised by how affordable such a quality service can be. I seriously can’t thank them enough!

Brad Dery
12/13/2018 - Google

Highly recommend Your Air Co! Their staff is extremely professional. The owner also runs a training school for HVAC techs, so they really know what they are doing! Highly recommend.

Raven Stringer
11/06/2018 - Google

Amazing AC company! They are quick, thorough and most importantly they truly care about their customers. Their staff has gone above and beyond for my family. I will recommend them to everyone! Their 24 hour phone service is beyond helpful When your ac decides to go out in the middle of the night.

Tina Wennermark
12/14/2017 - Google

I think this company has good employees and they are helpful and do the necessary work properly and they even speak English very well. i will definitely call them again if l need repairs.j

Melanie Gore
8/14/2017 - Google

I was introduced to Your Air via CenterPoint's FREE cool-saver a/c tune up. I was totally skeptical and thought this was just going to be a bs visit. I was wrong. My system is running like new (cleaned coils and a few other things). The technician was very nice - showed me pics of what needed to be fixed. Didn't try to sell me a new system or anything else that I did not need. He was great and I totally expect to call Your Air when we're ready to upgrade our system. Keep up the good work, guys!

Today’s Smartest Short Term Low Cost Alternative
NASA technology allows for the only locally available sealing and rejuvenation of a leaking HVAC system. Temporarily reconditions and safely contains potentially hazardous refrigerant to protect the earth’s precious environment. This can last up to 2 full years and is fully guaranteed for a full year with maintenance*. Provides a tremendous short term cost savings solution to expensive equipment replacement. Carries the industry’s only “Full Investment Credit” Guarantee that will rebate you the entire amount of your Enduro-Seal System Repair* cost plus $100.00 if you decide to purchase a new system within a 2 year period of the Enviro-Seal System installation date!
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Enduro-seal is a cost-efficient equipment replacement solution.
Enduro-seal provide relif from multiple service calls to balance system due to costly and potentially harmful refrigerants leaks
Enduro-seal give you and your family time to plain ahead and budget for future equipment replacement on your schedule instead of being forced to make emergency decisions