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hvac houston tx, Can I use a portable generator to power my HVAC?

Owning a portable generator is a must in places like Texas that experience inclement weather on regular basis during the spring and summer. Thunderstorms and serious flooding events are synonymous with Texas living, and everyone should be prepared for interruptions in the power supply. The most important appliance in anyone’s home in Texas is usually the air conditioner because it is very difficult to live in the heat of Texas during the summer season. It is especially a must for seniors and medical care facilities, but also for many Texans with health issues as well that require maintaining a steady living environment. Luckily, it is possible to power your HVAC Houston TX when the power goes out, but there are some specifics that must be understood before powering up.

Generator Capacity

All HVAC companies Houston will advise that knowing the limits of use for your generator is imperative when trying to use it for running an air conditioner. Air conditioners operate on a variety of BTUs and wattage ratings, and they cannot be operated when the HVAC ratings are beyond the capability of the portable generator. It is important to understand how this works because there are two specific power ratings that apply to effective use and potential danger. It typically takes at least 1000 watts more for cranking capacity than running capacity, and the capacity of the generator must exceed the wattage of the air conditioner by this amount at a minimum or you could experience another failure or damage to household appliances.

Additional Appliances

Another concern is the use of additional appliances at the same time the air conditioner is being powered. All wattage capacities of each appliance must be totaled if they will run together, and the total amount should be less than the capacity of the portable generator. Not only can appliances be damaged electrically when the generator power supply is not sufficient, fire is a true hazard when the generator overloads. In addition, always remember to keep the generator outdoors during operation for safety reasons. Carbon monoxide is a common by-product of using a portable generator, and it is deadly and odorless for the most part.

Contact a Professional HVAC Repair Houston

It is always a good decision to consult with a HVAC professional before using any power generator during a power outage. Property damage and lives could very well be in danger when a portable generator is used in an unapproved fashion, and safety is the primary concern when in use.

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