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The Best Houston AC Replacement and Installation

When you need a new AC replacement and installation, count on Your Air Conditioning Company. Our trained, skilled technicians will evaluate your AC unit to recommend a professional repair or an AC replacement unit.

We know that this is a critical decision, so we stay with you every step of the way. We will help you balance the weight of the decisions, such as cost and time, to find the perfect AC replacement and installation for your unique needs.

Our experienced technicians are knowledgeable in every make and model of AC system. We understand the diagnostics that show where the AC system problem lies and can fix the issue right away. When we can’t repair the AC unit, our expert technicians will discuss all options with you to guarantee a quality replacement unit and efficient installation. When your air conditioning stops working, we are a phone call away. Your Air Co. is the go-to company for AC replacement and installation.

Get an Estimate

When you contact Your Air Co. for AC replacement and installation, your estimate is free. You will know the exact price before you agree to any repairs or replacements. Once we land on the price you can afford, you can move forward with confidence. A 100% money-back guarantee backs our AC replacement and installation. Plus, you have a year-long warranty with a full money-back guarantee!

What We Provide

As an AC installation company, we always want to provide our customers with the best services possible. Below you will find our commitments to our customers for AC replacement and installation.


Every service we provide comes with budget-friendly options because an AC replacement and installation is often unexpected. Many homeowners don’t have the cash to pay for such an effective service, so we make it easy for you.

We make these significant expenses more affordable with our financing options that fit every budget. Relieve the burden of a cooling system that is no longer working with the budget-friendly choices we offer.

With multiple payment options, our financing plan takes the burden from you. We offer quick approvals, affordable payments, opportunities for all credit ratings, and convenient repayment methods. Our financing makes it possible for you to attend to the need for a new AC system without emptying your pockets.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for one full year after an AC replacement. That covers the equipment and installation, too.

24-Hour Service

Your Air Co. knows that having an air conditioning emergency is never convenient. We offer 24-hour emergency service so that you don’t wait to have a comfortable home again. When you call, we send out technicians right away to remedy the problem.

Which Is Right—Repair or Replacement for Your Air Conditioning System?

When you face the tough decision of replacing your AC system, how will you know that it doesn’t just need a repair? At some point, repairing an old, worn-out AC system costs more than AC replacement and installing a new system. These key indicators will help you have confidence in your choice.

Warm Air

When your AC unit is blowing warm air, the temperature change indicates that it might be more than a repair. An AC unit is a complex machine, and sometimes a repair won’t correct the problem. When the air blowing into the house is warm, you need a professional evaluation, as it could indicate a repair or an AC replacement.

Loud Noises

Air conditioning units should run smoothly and quietly. When you hear loud noises or hissing sounds from the AC system, this is cause for concern and could indicate your AC unit needs replacement.

Air Vents

The cool air blows from the air vents to make your home a comfortable temperature. It then removes the room air to clean it and cool it once more. If there is little to no air blowing from the vents in your home, you need professional AC service to determine the problem.

Frequent Repair Calls

If your air conditioning system is older than ten years, you can feel glad it lasted so long. Over time the AC unit components wear down, break, and stop working to indicate that it is time for a new AC unit. An older unit functions less efficiently and will eventually stop cooling altogether.

Decreasing Efficiency

All air conditioning systems have a SEER rating to tell you how efficiently the system is cooling. Current air conditioning systems have a SEER rating of 13 or more. A low SEER rating means that your AC system is not efficient at cooling your home anymore.

Higher Bills

If you see your energy bills steadily increasing despite the same usage, this is a sign that your AC system has a significant problem. Energy bills should remain steady unless you have changed the usage pattern.

Why the SEER Rating Matters

When you search for a new AC unit replacement, some factors affect your choice of an AC unit. One of those is the SEER rating. What does SEER mean exactly?

The US Energy Department requires HVAC units to have a specific SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating for new AC units. The SEER rating differs by geographic region. A higher SEER rating means higher comfort and more efficiency.

When you look at a new air conditioning unit, you will see the SEER rating displayed. The SEER rating affects the price of the unit. Our specialists will guide you based on the size of your home and the SEER rating you prefer. Your Air Co. has an AC unit that is within your budget and satisfies your SEER preferences.

Air Conditioning Replacement Options

Buying a replacement air conditioning system is a serious investment. Thankfully, the boost in energy savings over time should make the expense more manageable. Your Air Co. offers many choices for AC replacement to fit all budgets.

Our air conditioning specialists will help you find the perfect AC unit for your home every step of the way. Because we have multiple options for air conditioning equipment, we are sure there is a solution for you. We want to save you money and provide an AC unit that will keep you cool for years to come. Delivering safe answers to enhance your indoor comfort is our goal!

Components of a New Heating and Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioner

The air conditioner has components outside and inside the house. The central unit is on the outside of the house, usually on one side. This unit has five main parts:

  1. The refrigerant, or Freon, cools the air by carrying heat from inside your home to the outside.
  2. The compressor raises the temperature of the refrigerant with pressure.
  3. The condenser coil receives the hot refrigerant.
  4. The condenser coil fan starts to cool the refrigerant.
  5. The expansion valve cools the refrigerant more.

Inside the house are four components:

  1. The evaporator takes the refrigerant and turns it into gas. The gas cools and dehumidifies the air. The gas then absorbs the heat and cycles it back to be cooled.
  2. The condenser cycles the refrigerant back to the outside unit.
  3. The compressor works with the condenser to turn the refrigerant back to liquid before returning to the external unit.
  4. The expansion valve regulates how much refrigerant moves through the evaporator at one time.

When you need a new AC system, Your Air Co. has models to fit in any budget range.

Heat Pump

An air conditioner only cools your home, while a heat pump helps cool your home in the summer and heat it in winter. This system heats the cold air in winter to make it feel warm in your home and cools the air in summer to bring comfortable, cool air for hot days. Your Air Co. sells and services all types of HVAC units.

Air Conditioning Replacement

When you don’t know what to expect from the air conditioning replacement process, these steps will help:

  1. The AC replacement specialist will go over many details with you. They will need to measure your home for square footage since this impacts the size of the HVAC replacement unit. Other factors that affect the system choice are the climate, the location of your home, and the age of the house.
  2. The AC replacement specialist will also examine the insulation in the attic, search for cracks in the windows and door frames, and look for spaces in walls where air escapes. Fixing these air leak spots will help your new AC system function better and more efficiently.
  3. They will make a recommendation for a suitable HVAC unit to serve your home. They will take into account how much you have to spend combined with the other factors.

Once you agree on an HVAC system, the AC replacement specialist will draw up an estimate that outlines the replacement details. The contract will:

  • Determine the unit that needs replacement
  • List the prices for each task and all materials
  • Outline the replacement process
  • Identify the start and stop date
  • List any extra materials costs
  • Establish the removal price for the old HVAC unit
  • Itemize clean-up costs
  • List what the warranty covers and explain all terms


While discussing the best unit for your unique needs, an HVAC specialist might use two terms that you need to know. The first is SEER, which we have already covered. The second is HSPF.

HSPF stands for Heating Season Performance Factor. While SEER refers to the cooling factor of a unit, HSPF refers to the warming factor. Current HVAC units must have an HSPF rating of 7.7 or better. Remember that the higher the SEER and HSPF, the more expensive the AC unit will be. A more expensive unit will also be more efficient through each season as the change in energy consumption will help offset the cost of a better HVAC system.

Air Conditioning Installation

Keep in mind that all job lengths are estimates. As an AC installation company, we will do our best to adhere to the installation time promised, but there can be unforeseen circumstances that change the amount of install time.

Many HVAC installations can happen in one day. Some take longer. Here is a timetable of what happens in air conditioner installation:

  • The crew will move all furniture that is in the way of the replacement job.
  • They will place cloth or protection on the floor to prevent any damage.
  • The replacement process can be dusty, so they will cover the furniture to keep it dust-free.
  • The replacement crew will shut off the power to remove the pieces of the old air conditioning system.
  • They will remove the refrigerant, which is sometimes re-usable.

When the technicians must also replace ductwork because it is too old or in poor shape, some crew members will work on the extensive ductwork replacement. Remember that ductwork is a critical part of an efficient AC system, so discuss any necessary ductwork with your AC replacement specialist:

  • The crew will assemble the components that go inside and outside of your home
  • These components include the compressor, supply lines, drain lines, thermostat, evaporator, expansion valve, refrigerant, and other parts essential to a high-efficiency unit

As with any home improvement project, the unexpected can happen. There is no way to predict what the technicians will find when installing a new heating and cooling system. Any or all of the following can impact the installation time and cost:

  • Electrical issues which require the services of a licensed electrician
  • Damaged or rotten studs which hinder certain mounting parts of the ductwork or system components
  • Essential sheetrock repairs needed after the electrical or stud fixes
  • Unexpected thermostat replacement
  • Locating asbestos during removal and disposal
Care You Can Count on for Houston’s Hot Summers and Chilly Winters

After the replacement and installation of your new HVAC system, Your Air Co. has skilled, reliable technicians to keep your new system in tip-top shape. We earn your trust one repair at a time for confidence when you call us.

Your Air Co. gives you:

  • Quality heating repair service on all makes and models—we perform thorough diagnostics, pinpoint the problem, and complete repairs fast, so you don’t have to change your schedule.
  • Prompt air conditioning service for all makes and models of air conditioning units—our technicians explain the problem clearly and then execute the solution not to wait and sweat in your home.
  • Comprehensive maintenance plans for every budget—we ensure inspection of your AC unit and correct minor problems quickly because maintenance prevents you from facing an unexpectedly large repair bill.
  • Duct replacement to bring more comfort and improved air quality to your home.
  • Duct cleaning to remove the dirt and build-up that happens over time—air enters and leaves through the ductwork where the dirt and debris fall on the floor to infiltrate the indoor air again, so duct cleaning removes the dirt.
  • Duct sanitization to prevent mold problems from growing for cleaner air and easier breathing.
  • High-quality air filters to reduce the pollutants from the Houston air—if you are particular about the quality of your indoor air, we have solutions for that.
  • Hypoallergenic systems to gauge the air to improve the indoor quality in your home and deliver superior air quality for your home through specialized antimicrobial materials (prevents mold and other irritants from growing).
Why Choose Your Air Co.
  • We are constantly training our staff and technicians in the most up-to-date air conditioning technology.
  • As a leading air conditioning service and installation provider in the greater Houston area, we developed our filtration line to meet specialized demand.
  • Our mission is to give best-in-class services to every single customer.
  • We practice responsibility toward people and the environment, aiming to deliver value and safety in air conditioning service and installation.
  • Your Air Co. has our own trade school to improve the industry by educating over 300 technicians with a nine-day course.
  • We commit to deliver the highest quality products to enhance your indoor air.
  • We deliver unmatched service to the greater Houston area.
  • We offer safe solutions to indoor air quality issues.
  • We offer 24-hour emergency service, so you don’t have to wait days for a repair or HVAC replacement.
  • We install quality equipment that delivers for many years.
  • We offer a free service call with authorized repairs.
  • We are your ultimate solution for all air conditioning needs, providing unequaled heating, cooling, and air quality services.
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