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It’s no secret that our city can feel like living inside of an oven at times especially during the hot seasons. Now some of us love this season better than others but regardless of how you feel it is a time that your AC needs to be performing efficiently.

Having an AC problem during a humid hot day in Houston is definitely no fun!

But do not panic that is where we come in, Your Air Co AC Repair is Houston’s Air Conditioning specialists. We are local owners and technicians, that live in and service Houston, and it is our duty and privilege to service this area and surrounding neighborhoods when you need a diagnostic performed on your AC unit.

It does not matter how far you are, up north or towards south, mid city, or even on the outskirts, our trusted AC technician and AC repair contractors take pride in servicing this city.

We help all of Houston, TX find additional info down below.

Why Choose YOUR AIR CO AC Repair?

Cost of AC Repair & Air Conditioning Repairs in Houston, TX

When looking for a local specialist, the cost of AC services in Houston, Texas can cost a pretty penny, and it all adds up. Air conditioners are complex units with many moving parts to say the least.

AC units have many diagnostics that have to be ran and parts inspected. This requires an experienced technician to come into your home with the right equipment to run these specific tests perform a thorough and specific inspection process step by step carefully diagnosing what may be wrong with your system along with taking in the units years of work, parts that may already been replaced and if a new install may be the better option.

Sometimes your AC system just needs a minor inexpensive part, which makes it a more affordable and would be considered a quicker AC repair. A specialist technician should be able to handle something like this easily and sometimes within an hour of starting the process. This is of course the best case scenario.

On the other side, if the AC unit system is failing many tests over and over again and the diagnostic is coming back with major issues detected then this may require a more complicated issue. These type of AC repairs may take hours to fix and sometimes a new unit is your better long term option.

Major Issues May Cause:

Water leakage from unit

Warm or non cold air being released from vents (Temperature Not Adjusting Correctly)

Loud noises and/or system turning off or not kicking on

And many other signs

Our company always offers professional AC repair cost deals by including:

Free Inspection and diagnostic

Honest and Upfront Free Estimates

Financing Options (This Helps Many Homeowners)

Step By Step Communication So You Clearly Understand The Best Options

You Need A New Central AC System or Air Conditioning Inspection

Cost of AC Inspection in Houston, TX

Having an experienced technician for an inspection is always the first step. Of course, this is to get an expert opinion after thorough and precise testing has been ran to see the causes of the AC systems malfunction before the repair or repairs process begins.

Before even attempting to fix or assume the issue it the in person inspection by one of our expert technicians in critical before jumping to any conclusions.

We designed a tech training that allows all of our trained technicians to follow a proven process to assure all of our customers that they are in good hands and we take absolute pride in our work and results.

It is also important to fully go through our proven testing from start to finish to make sure it is not just a minor issue. It’s likely that if you just jump to conclusions without doing the proper testing and inspection you might have to fix more unnecessary things than needed and also spend more money.

Our honesty and integrity is also what sets us apart and getting your air conditioner to blow cool air for you and your family is our ultimate goal here.

This is exactly why our technicians do an in person step by step inspection and full diagnostic first.

Some of the equipment and procedures we use:

Check Off List (technicians are trained to go through and check off a specific list as the system performs)

Analysis of filters and ventilation is something included on that list along with signs of leaking water

DL469 trms Clamp meter

Combustible Leak Detector that Senses leading combustible – noncombustible and toxic gases

Dual input manometer

Digital NSF waterproof Thermometer

And too many more to name…

, AC Repairs Houston TX

QUICK TIP: All AC systems, including the big name brands, need to be kept up and maintained. A yearly inspection, vent cleaning and filter change is a mu

st to assure you are less likely to need replacement parts for your AC. (Could also prevent you from needing a new installation sooner then needed)

Emergency AC Repair in Houston

If your AC breaks down in the middle of a muggy hot summer night, when you and your family are ready for bed or even worse in the middle of sleeping. Waking up in sweat and panic is no way to live and we completely understand that.

That is why our 24/7 emergency AC crew is always here for you. When your AC is malfunctioning and you have not only yourself but a family to worry about as well we understand and deal with scenario more often than we would like.

We are AC experts and we deliver what we promise. We provide full 24/7 AC services and will answer a call no matter the time.

This is why getting a yearly inspection and service call is better before this happens to you or loved ones.

Signs your central air conditioning may require service or check up:

Leaks or water around your system

Filters dark and dirty

Air temperature taking long to adjust and drop

Unit creating a humming noise

System turning off

System not kicking on

Vent drips or Condensation build up

Been over a year since the last inspection

For any reason you come across any of the signs above I would consider calling an AC tech right away before things get worse, you should not wait it out thinking these malfunctions will work out for the better on their own.

Do not wait, call us a reliable AC repair company that will come and assure your AC system is okay before it causes more damage to the unit and your home or building.

The cost to install an AC system can be much higher than just a minor repair, and most professional Houston AC repair companies can complete this new installation within a day to assure you have cold AC back blowing and cooling off your house.

Sometimes you do not have a choice and this is actually the better option for you in the long run. Let’s face it central AC units and systems just like anything else go through wear and tear and have a life expectancy. Instead of fixing small parts every few months or year it can be much smarter to get a new air conditioner installation by a professional company with a warranty instead.

With a Your Air Co. AC Repair local contractor, you can always count on:

Thorough Inspection

Honest pricing

24/7 emergency services

Guaranteed quality and satisfaction!

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