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AC Maintenance Plan in Houston, Texas

AC Maintenance Plan in Houston, Texas

Air conditioning systems, both new and old, require proper care to ensure that they stay in good condition. However, it takes more than AC repairs and cleaning to keep their performance at desirable levels. In order for air conditioners to remain functional, it’s good to have an AC maintenance plan. Not only does the maintenance improve their cooling abilities, but it also keeps air conditioning systems durable.

Even the latest AC models can’t get away from wear and tear, so they need to be checked by the professionals from time to time. If you want to have your air conditioner regularly maintained, contact Your Air Conditioning today. We offer several professional air conditioning services that are designed to help you create a better and more comfortable indoor environment.

Get the Perfect AC Maintenance Plan with Your Air Conditioning

Your Air Conditioning offers superior AC maintenance plans to properties in Houston, Texas. Not only do we use state-of-the-art tools when conducting this service, but we also only send certified technicians out to the job. We want what’s best for you, so we send the best. With the professionals at Your Air Conditioning handling the maintenance process, we're certain that your air conditioner will run smoothly for a long period of time.

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Maintenance Procedures We Do

AC Maintenance Plan in Houston, Texas

Whenever we conduct AC maintenance, we inspect and test the following parts to determine whether they need repairs or not:

  • Air flow
  • Capacitor
  • Calibration and thermostat level
  • Compressor Amperage
  • Condensing temperature
  • Refrigerant charge

We'll test all the controls to make sure that they’re working 100%. Additionally, we make sure to flush the condensate drain line to prevent water damage from ever developing. We can also lubricate the parts if necessary.

With Your Air Conditioning maintenance plans, not only will your system receive constant care, but you’ll also experience the following benefits:

  • Discounts on repairs and parts
  • Regular AC checkups and cleanups
  • Reduced electricity bills
  • Prioritizing your AC maintenance schedule

At Your Air Conditioning, we can work on any type of air conditioning model and budget. Contact us today at 281-612-8949 and let’s discuss your options.